Scene to Believe

We help to create, capture and share magical memories.

Scene to Believe is a leading Santa photography, graduation photography and event photography service provider. We specialise in providing photography, on-site printing and related services for all types of events including shopping centre activations, corporate events, graduation photography, in-store promotions, conferences, expos and festivals.


How We Can Help

Our visual activation experiences are designed to create maximum impact, engagement and exposure. No matter your event or objectives, we can create and execute a solution that achieves serious results.

We don’t just hire photo booths. Our experienced team can design, plan, and execute a visual activation solution for almost any event, specifically tailored to achieve a range of brand marketing objectives such as driving foot traffic and building brand affinity.

Whether it’s for a shopping centre activation, corporate event, community event, brand activation, product launch, school photography, in-store promotions, conferences, expo or festival, we can help you create the perfect visual activation solution that will create a meaningful, memorable and magical connection with your audience.

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