Jingle and Mingle 2023
Jingle and Mingle 2023


An annual celebration of our Santa Character community

Jingle & Mingle is Scene to Believe’s annual celebration and get-together for our Santa community. At Jingle & Mingle, our Santa community members come together to connect and celebrate Christmas in July. It’s the perfect occasion for Santa’s to connect when they’re not the most in-demand person on the planet!

From spreading cheer to making children’s dreams come true, being Santa is a truly magical experience, and Jingle & Mingle is all about celebrating that magic.


After the tremendous success of our first-ever Jingle & Mingle 2022, we’ve been working tirelessly to make Jingle & Mingle 2023 even bigger, better, and merrier.

And guess what? We want YOU to be a part of it!

Celebrate the magic of being Santa with your local Santa community! Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere, share laughter, and create unforgettable moments. 

Join us at Jingle & Mingle 2023 and be a part of this incredible celebration of Santa’s. 


  • PERTH | Tuesday 4th July | Herdsman Lake Tavern
  • ADELAIDE | Friday 7th July | The Tonsley Hotel
  • BRISBANE | Friday 14th July | Brisbane International Virginia
  • MELBOURNE | Friday 21st July | Box Hill Town Hall
  • SYDNEY | Tuesday 25th July | Rosehill Bowling Club
  • AUCKLAND | Thursday 27th July | The Good Home, Mt Eden

The more Santa's, the merrier!

As a Santa community, we thrive on spreading joy and merriment. And what better way to amplify the festive spirit than by gathering as many Santa’s together as possible?

This year, we invite you to embrace the spirit of togetherness and bring along a Santa friend to join our joyful Santa Family.

Round up as many Santa mates as you can muster! 

Got Talent?

Santa’s Got Talent, the talent quest extravaganza that stole the show as part of Jingle and Mingle 2022, is back! 

Santa Got Talent showcases the immense talent of our Santa’s, proving that their magical abilities extend far beyond delivering magical Christmas experiences. 

Guest presentations

As Santa characters, our mission is to spread the joy of Christmas and the magic of Santa as far and wide as possible, embracing the values of diversity and inclusivity. 

At Jingle & Mingle 2022, we took a significant step forward by actively engaging with spokespeople from Deaf Australia and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) to learn valuable strategies for enhancing our Santa’s inclusive communication skills. 

Building on our commitment to inclusivity, this year we are thrilled to announce that we will have more special guest presentations. Stay tuned for more information.

Join our Santa Facebook Group

Scene to Believe has created a Facebook group exclusive to Santa characters! You can share tips and tricks and generally keep in touch with other Santa's around Australia and New Zealand.

Work as Santa!

Playing the most magical person in the world and getting to create Christmas magic for children and their families is a highly rewarding role. Our Santas say that being Santa is the best job in the world! The role is also very flexible and pays well. To find out more about our Santa jobs

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