Our top 3 brand activation event ideas!

Event activations with a difference

The difference between regular marketing campaigns and brand activation events is that with the latter, your business is engaging directly with consumers. It supposes a physical presence for your brand at an event that is hopefully attended by your target audience. The best brand activations can:

  • Create a favourable opinion within your target market and
  • Inject a major boost in your brand awareness strategy.

New products and businesses can greatly benefit from brand activations as this demonstrates a desire to engage with their current and potential customers. Advantages of engaging your specific target market with your brand experience include:

  • Direct feedback from consumers.
  • Interact with target audiences.
  • Strengthen consumer or customer relationships with your brand or product.

Bearing in mind that most consumers can smell sales pitches a mile away, your brand activation event ideas must establish a more personal relationship between your product and your target audience.

Inject fun into your brand activations with a photo booth and various bespoke solutions.

One important consideration before you begin planning is to understand your goals and determine the desired outcome of the campaign. If your aim is to obtain hard data, today’s photo booth brand activation can instant social media sharing and other data points as well as instant quality printing at the touch of a button.

To make the best out of your photo booth brand activation you should consider:

  • Consistent use of corporate colour palette and fonts.
  • Providing props that merge your brand and your ideal customer.
  • Using appropriate slogans and messaging – including hashtags.
  • Humanising the experience by making it relatable.

If you love organic reach as we do, you will become hooked on any brand activation events example that includes Photo Booth Services. Here are three of our favourites.

1. Green Sceen Photo Booth

Always a crowd favourite at social gatherings and functions, a green screen photo booth also offers an exceptional opportunity for people to engage with your brand.  This immersive experience provides:

  • Tailor-made custom background.
  • Branded graphics overlays.
  • Instant onsite printing.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Data capture.

2. Mosaic Photo Booth

The mosaic photo booth produces quality images of participants from your event that are then used to create a masterful mosaic.  The technology is incredibly powerful to promote the inclusivity and unity of your brand:

  • Highly interactive, as attendees produce the content.
  • Works in both digital and print.
  • Great for membership-based groups.
  • Instant onsite printing.
  • Final artwork can be used in marketing collateral.
  • Great social media content.

3. GIF Booth

This extremely popular photo booth option provides multi-frame photo animations and creates fun and shareable content through Twitter, Facebook, email, and text messages. A very simple yet effective way to share content and engage your guests at the next conference of brand activation.  This option features:

  • Tailor-made custom background.
  • Branded graphics overlays.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Data capture.
  • Instant onsite printing.

Successful brand activation event ideas involve activities that leave a longstanding mark on event participants. Performed correctly, brand activation events can create long-lasting relationships with your target customer and create new ones through referrals.  

Contact us for suggestions! Even multiple brand activations Australia wide are a possibility with our photo booth services available around the country.  

Happy planning!

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