Photo Mosaic activations growing in popularity

Citibank Australia Photo Mosaic

Scene to Believe is seeing an increase in Photo Mosaic activations with several recent successful events.

Photo Mosaic activations are increasing in popularity and this trend is likely to continue as event organisers understand its potential. That’s according to Scene to Believe Account Manager, James Bennett.

Recent Scene to Believe photo mosaic activations have included a Citibank Australia event and a Tech Council event, which was held at Parliament House in Canberra and attended by Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese.

An immersive and engaging experience

A Photo Mosaic activation combines individual photos taken during an event to create a mosaic wall, revealing a larger image in real-time.

According to Mr Bennett, Photo Mosaic activations are perfectly suited to corporate events such as corporate Christmas parties, brand activations and conferences.

“Photo Mosaics are the latest immersive event photo activation experience. One of the ways they work well is when displayed on a large screen at an event as they create an engaging focal point”, said My Bennett.

“Guests love seeing photos of themselves, and their colleagues displayed on the big screen throughout the event. They also love seeing the larger image being revealed throughout the event”.

Photo Mosaic activations are versatile

Photo Mosaics can be used to create a wide variety of event experiences. For instance, they can be used for in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

For an even more engaging in-person experience, photos can be printed as stickers so guests can place them on a mosaic wall themselves. Photo Mosaics can also be used for online events as they can be embedded on a website or within a virtual event platform.

Create a visual community

Photo Mosaic activations can also help to create a sense of community at an event by bringing a large group of people together visually.

“All the photos taken at a single event come together to form one large cohesive image with a single message. That can be a really good way of getting your message across”.

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Although the number of Photo Mosaics activations is increasing, it is still a relatively new type of photo activation experience.

“So far, we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the different types of experiences available. I can’t wait to see what innovative experiences await!”

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