Santa Community

Our Santa Community

The Scene to Believe Santa Community is Australia’s largest (and perhaps only!) Santa character community. The community provides connection, comradery and most importantly, joy, for hundreds of jolly gentlemen and gentlewomen.

Our Santas share and are connected by a love of creating Christmas magic for Australian families each year.

Each year, most of the members of the our Santa Community work seasonally during the Christmas period at the hundreds of local Santa photo activations and events created by Scene to Believe.

However, you don’t have to be a Santa by Scene to Believe Santa employee to participate in our Santa community. Our Santa Family is all about building connections and having fun with like-minded people who absolutely love all things Christmas and are dedicated to continuing the joy of Santa.

Our community embraces equity and diversity which means that absolutely anyone with a love of Christmas can be a member.

Jingle & Mingle

The first ever Jingle & Mingle by Scene to Believe

This year, Scene to Believe will be hosting the first ever Christmas in July Santa Jingle & Mingle!

Santa Jingle and Mingle is a way for our Santa community to connect and celebrate Christmas at a time of year when they’re not the most in-demand person on the planet!

It’s a time to reflect and have a laugh with other Santa Characters about the joys of having the best job in the world!

It’s also a chance to meet fellow Santas, share a story or two, brush up on some Santa banter, and just have a merry old time.

Because when you’re Santa, every day is Christmas day!

Event Details

Santa Jingle and Mingles events will be held locally in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Adelaide and Perth. Each local event will include a two-course lunch, entertainment, speakers, prizes and more. The cost of the event is a $5 donation for a local charity. 

  • Adelaide 12th July – Tonsley Hotel
  • Perth 15th July – Citiplace Community Centre
  • Brisbane 19th July – Chermside Bowls Club
  • Sydney 21st July – Rosehill Bowling Club
  • Melbourne 26th July – One Church

Invite a friend!

We’re looking to grow our Santa Family so we would love you to bring a friend. So, if you know anyone who loves creating Christmas joy, please bring them along!

Got a special talent?

Do you have a talent besides creating Christmas magic? Maybe you can tell a good joke, play the bagpipes, or dance the polka? Why not spread some Christmas cheer and showcase your talent at our inaugural “Santa Got Talent” contest. This contest is open for all Santa’s who wish to take part. The more the merrier!

If you wish to participate, please tick the checkbox when registering your attendance online.

How to register

If you wish to attend one of our local Jingle and Mingle events, please click the Register Now button below and complete the online registration process.

We’d love to see you there! 

Jingle & Mingle

Reserve your spot and book online, use the link to the right.

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