Scene to Believe set for biggest graduation season yet

Graduates throwing caps in the air at a Scene to Believe Graduation Event

This year, Scene to Believe has continued to expand its Graduation Services division and is looking forward to its biggest graduation season yet.

New institutions coming onboard

In 2022, Scene to Believe will be helping to deliver graduation ceremonies for two new tertiary institutions – Sydney College of the Divinity and Royal College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS).

“At Scene to Believe our mission is to help people create, capture and share magical memories”, said Scene to Believe Managing Director Stefan Hutton.

“Graduating from tertiary studies or being admitted into a fellowship are major milestone moments in any person’s life. We’re so honoured to be able to be part of those magical moments for more and more Australians each year.”

At Scene to Believe our mission is to help people create, capture and share magical memories.

Stefan Hutton - Managing Director Scene to

A busy year

Already this year, Scene to Believe has helped deliver numerous graduation and convocation ceremonies for Torrens University Australia (TUA), Alphacrucis University College, Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP), JMC Academy and Sydney College of Divinity.

After a couple of months’ breaks, the 2022 graduation season will be kicking off again in September.

From September through to December, Scene to Believe will be helping to deliver graduation and convocation ceremonies for Torrens University Australia (TUA), UNSW Canberra at ADFA, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS), Royal College of Practitioners (RACP), Kings Own Institute (KOI) and Holmes Institute.

Photo studios at Scene to Believe Graduation Event

Growth to continue

Mr Hutton is confident that Graduation by Scene to Believe, the company’s graduation services division will continue to grow over the coming years.

“We’ve been one of Australia’s largest providers of photographic services for over 25 years now”, said Mr Hutton.

“Over that time, we’ve been able to grow rapidly due to the exceptional experiences we create, as well as our innovative and customised approach”.

According to Mr Hutton, Scene to Believe has focussed on the needs of its customers to develop its graduation service offering.  

“We’ve made a significant investment in our photo printing hardware to ensure that at every Scene to Believe event, customers can take home high-quality prints on the day.

We’ve also developed our own bespoke digital solution to facilitate the delivery of digital photos at scale. Every single customer at each of our events receives a personalised online photo gallery within hours of an event. This makes accessing and sharing event photos quick, easy and secure”.

Scene to Believe staff gowning graduands at graduation ceremony

Creating innovative and bespoke solutions

According to Mr Hutton, the organisation’s ability to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions also helped it to adapt to a variety of challenges over the last three years due to COVID.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID, most of our graduation clients were forced to cancel their 2020 and 2021 graduation and convocation ceremonies”.

However, Scene to Believe was able to work closely with one of its clients, King Own Institute, to deliver bespoke COVID-safe graduation experience.

“We worked closely with Kings Own Institute to develop a bespoke COVID-safe workflow solution and it worked really well. Although it wasn’t a full graduation ceremony, it was the next best thing!”

A bright future

With COVID restrictions behind us, Mr Hutton is now looking to the future. “I’m just so glad that after the last couple of years, we’re again able to continue to celebrate all the magic of graduations again!”

For more information about Scene to Believe’s graduation services, click here.

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