Graduation photography and videography.

Looking to hire graduation photographers for your institution on Graduation Day? Our team of photographers take graduation event photography to the next level. With the help of our state-of-the-art professional graduation pictures, previews and purchases are ready within minutes of valediction.

We record your graduation streaming service live and overlay with music to enhance the viewing experience post-event. With footage specific to your university instantly added to the video, it is a quality keepsake to cherish for years.

Archiving your photos.

We understand that students and schools may require access to their photos or additional images snapped throughout the event in the future.

This is why we provide a unique archive system that guarantees a 3-year lifespan on your institution’s graduation gallery. With an outstanding onsite instant printing service, you know we have every graduation photography event need covered.

Why Choose Graduation by Scene to Believe?

Graduation by Scene to Believe is the leading photography team with portfolio of moments captured for institutions Australia-wide.

We provide graduation services that extend beyond professional award ceremony photography to include the supply of quality graduation regalia, merchandising, framing, ticketing and seamless payment systems – all in one easy package.

In addition, we deliver academic gown hire service complete with experienced dressing and gowning staff. Students will look the part as they enter the hall with hire or purchased graduation gowns and trencher caps. Boasting a huge selection of sizes, we ensure that all your graduates and officials are fitted properly in their Bachelor, Masters or PhD regalia. This way, they will represent your institution in its best light throughout the event.

Ready to hire our photography team for your ceremony? Contact us for more information on our Graduation Ceremony Photography.

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