Celebrate and remember with graduation portraits.

Graduation: a time of reflection and a day of great gratification as they take those all-important steps towards the Principal or Dean to collect the certificate validating their years of hard work.

Graduations are special occasions no matter your age or level of study. Whether it’s a Year 12 graduation or a tertiary degree, our photographers capture all the memorable moments and candid interactions enjoyed by your students, staff and guests throughout your event.

A Bespoke Experience.

Our team of established photographers works hard to ensure you are provided with a collection of photographs tailored to your school’s requirements.

Every student receives a personal digital gallery with their portrait and award ceremony photos. Digital files can be selected and additional copies can be purchased and downloaded instantly. See our sample gallery!

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How does it work?

We supply you with the best graduation photographer for your bespoke needs that are beyond standard photography. Ask about our composite portrait photography with an instant printing service, our quality merchandise and graduation photo frames.

Why Choose Events by Scene to Believe?

We have a huge portfolio of precious moments already captured for schools and institutions across Australia. Graduation by Scene to Believe is the leading photography business with a difference. Our qualified professionals provide a service that extends beyond photography and includes academic regalia, merchandising, framing, ticketing and seamless payment systems – all in one easy package.

Servicing schools Australia-wide, we offer traditional professional photography. Also, we offer unique green screen technology that can feature special backgrounds that have special importance to your students.

We understand that attendees are driven by the excitement during their time of celebration. And, they are also eager to share their loved one’s special moments with their friends on social media. That’s why we offer instant photography printing, framing and videography orders onsite. Why wait weeks for a unique print when you can share it instantly?

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