Innovative Graduation Experience.

Our team of experienced graduation photographers take event photography to the next level. With our state-of-the-art graduation photography services, including our graduation live streaming service and instant onsite composite portrait photography printing.

Customise your Graduation Experience.

Graduation is a special day for all, but we understand that every school wants to celebrate in their own unique way. We offer several bespoke cap and gown photography solutions that will suit your institution’s needs.

Added to this a branded microsite with instant social sharing capabilities, merchandise exclusive to your institution, and customised green screen options, your students will revel in their major achievements while making picture-perfect memories to last a lifetime.

Social Media Ready

Students can share the trademark handshake photography graduation photo with their entire social network in an instant. With our Photo Touch Sharing Platform students can easily share with friends and family, while your institution enjoys the benefits of organic social media growth.

Why Choose Graduations by Scene to Believe?

As the leaders in graduation photography, we have captured precious moments for schools and institutions across Australia. In fact, Graduation by Scene knows how to deliver superior services and total customer satisfaction each and every time.

From professional photography to supplying academic regalia, merchandising, framing, ticketing and seamless payment systems, we deliver the full graduation experience in one easy package.

Servicing schools Australia-wide, we offer traditional professional photography as well as unique green screen technology. This gives your graduates the opportunity to interact with backgrounds of special importance to their graduation.

We understand that attendees are driven by the excitement during their time of celebration. We also know that they are eager to share their loved one’s special moments with their friends on social media. That’s why we provide instant onsite photography printing and social media sharing facilities. This way your graduates can share their special moments with their network in an instant.  

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