Enjoy more time with Santa

Excited for your child’s Santa photography, but uncertain as to how the moment will play out? If you’re concerned about the increased noise and rambunctious crowds that are often associated with Santa photography, our Sensitive Santa event experiences are the right choice for you.

Avoid sensory overload with our unique Christmas photography experience. We plan our sessions so that your child can ease into their meeting with Santa and maximise their time without distraction.

Every child is different and our Sensitive Santa program permits more space and time for each child to maximise their experience with Santa.

A professional solution catering to special needs.

Our team of photographers, Christmas Characters and Santa himself are highly trained on how to communicate with children who experience sensitivities.

We adapt our Sensitive Santa event photography sessions to appeal to families who require a sensory-friendly environment. Normally we offer these Santa photography sessions outside of regular trading hours. With dimmed lights and low to no music, your child can also enjoy the ultimate Christmas experience.

Why Choose Santa by Scene to Believe?

If you’re looking to work with expert event photographers trained to accommodate children with special needs, look no further than Santa by Scene to Believe.

We are the frontrunners in photo event experiences Australia-wide, with over 300 event activations each year. As such we supply the complete event solution. From sensory-friendly environments to Christmas characters trained to cater to your child’s needs with respect and care.

Our rosters maximise customer potential and satisfaction at all times, including overlapping shifts and carefully planned break times. This means we don’t leave your guests unattended or waiting in line for long periods of time.

Let us help you create the ultimate inclusive Santa photography experience this Christmas! 

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