SnapTag Hashtag Printer

Perfect wedding idea!

Mementos to last a lifetime.

Introducing the SnapTag Hashtag Printer – the colourful and quirky way to increase brand awareness with your target audience, while having fun at the same time!

Looking to grow your brand? Craving some buzz on social media? Want to create an event that will make your product pop? If this sounds familiar, why not give your brand the Instagram treatment with our Instagram hashtag printer at your next corporate event or shopping centre activation?

With these snazzy take-home mementos, your guests can turn their best Instagram posts from your event into branded social media content instantly – and what’s sweeter than a little organic growth?

SnapTag Hashtag Printer workflow

A bespoke branded print of your selected Instagram photo is sent to the SnapTag Hashtag Printer for instant Instagram picture prints. Every print features a 2×4” banner that is customised with your brand or chosen call-to-action.

Not only is the photo available to view on your Instagram account, but your guests take home a tangible souvenir from the event – one they can admire on their desk, refrigerator door or office display board.

SnapTag Hashtag Printer is the new fandangled way to spread your content organically while engaging with your guests, their followers and a whole new audience of potential clientele. Spreading word of your brand was never easier!

SnapTag Hashtag Printer at formal
Example of SnapTag Hashtag Printer

How does it work?

It’s as simple as hashtagging your photo using the customised event hashtag, and collecting your quality keepsake at the Instagram Hashtag Printer. 

Guests will enjoy the benefits of the high-tech Instagram Photo Booth while your platform enjoys organic growth. It’s a win-win.

SnapTag Hashtag Printer at wedding by Scene to Believe

Why Choose Events by Scene to Believe?

If you’re looking to work with experts in brand activation events, look no further than Events by Scene to Believe.  With a huge portfolio of memorable moments captured for organisations across Australia, we remain the leading photography business with a difference.

Our qualified professionals are known for their diverse approach to corporate events or shopping centre activations, with the ability to meet the clients’ needs every time.

We don’t just deliver a service – we create an experience your guests will love.

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