State of the art customer service systems.

At Graduation from Scene to Believe, we have specific experience delivering solutions to academic institutions across registration, ticketing, academic dress, photography, merchandise, and graduation certificate frames.

By being early adopters of cloud and digital technology, our platform
approach means we can create bespoke solutions for customers with enterprise stability and compliance.

We have worked with some of the most exclusive educational institutions around Australia including the Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW Canberra, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Planning, Coordination and Experience.

An important aspect of graduation logistics is managing tickets and registration. Mobile registration and digital ticketing provide a secure and convenient option for students and guests. It minimises the need to handle cash and keep track of who has and hasn’t paid.

Additionally, we provide experienced staff for your event that works hard to ensure that your student’s graduation experience is seamless and is the special day they expect.

All the details taken care of.

We also deliver a trusted academic gown hire service complete with experienced Dressing and Gowning Staff to fit and style your graduates and graduation officials, so your institution is represented in its best light throughout the event.

Why Choose Graduations by Scene to Believe?

With a portfolio of precious moments captured for institutions across Australia, Graduation by Scene to Believe offers services that extend beyond photography.

With decades of experience in event management, our expertise in operations is only matched by our skill in adapting the most advanced technologies to ensure your institution’s success.

Through our enterprise-grade skinnable e-commerce, registration, and ticketing systems, services such as fitting, regalia hire or the pre-purchase of photography, frames and merchandise can be done quickly and safely online.

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