The reasons for Graduation Photos – How to convince your Graduate

You can’t remember being this frustrated with your child. You have been hounding him or her for the past 6 months regarding the graduation pictures. Every time you broach the subject, the same response – “I’ll get to it!” and “It’s not my top priority at the moment”. The more you insist, the more you get a blank stare.

How do you persuade your graduating loved one that these pictures are important? How do you explain that a selfie on a mobile just won’t cut it for you or any other family member that has watched them grow into the person they are today.

Not to worry, we have a few suggestions to help to get the message across! Here are our top reasons:

Graduation pictures are not daggy!

We’re a long way from the graduation pictures of the past. Long gone are the days of awkward head tilt, upward gaze into the future, and double exposure shots of the ’80s.

Today, there are many ways to plan a photoshoot for graduation pictures. Either through the school or a professional studio, with family or graduating mates, there are several ways to create memorable keepsakes for yourself and your graduating loved one.

You can have fun with your Graduation Pictures

Understandably smartphones have fundamentally changed the way we view photographs. These days, documenting memories is simple by clicking and storing photos. However, most of these are likely to be stored in the cloud never to be seen again.

Have fun with these! Plan for a traditional image with your Graduate in formal gear or in a more relaxed format that you can use as a family portrait. They can use the photoshoot as an opportunity to have a headshot to use for their professional social media profile.

Christmas Gift sorted for Mum, Dad, Nanna, and Pop

Another great reason to point out why they should have their photos taken is that they won’t have to worry about finding a gift for you or their grandparents this year. Additionally, considering that on the list as the proudest family member are their grandparents, they would certainly score a few brownie points with a professional picture.

Graduation Photos with Mates

You can get a few friends that are graduating together for a group photo. Graduation photos with friends is a popular option these days. This might be one of their last times together with these friends. It’s a great opportunity to have a group school keepsake to admire for years to come.

Mom will stop asking!

If all else fails, this realisation may be incentive enough for your child.

Bottom line, you are very proud of your offspring and so you should be! They have dedicated their last few years putting in the effort to get where they are today.

Sharing this fact with your loved one might just be the tipping point that he or she needs and get on with those pictures.

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