Why social media is essential to elevate your next event.

Are you looking for new and engaging corporate event ideas or searching for engaging ways to elevate event experiences for your customers?

As social media platforms continue to provide new options for experiential marketers, stories told with photos can provide immediate validation to the success of your event.

Using social activation to elevate events is a fantastic option for engagement and brand visibility. Event favourites like photo booths get fantastic engagement from event-goers and combining both social media to a GIF photo booth is one of the ways to elevate event experience for corporate events. Our top 3 reasons below!

#1 GIF photo booth gets people moving.

  • GIF booth is a certain way to shake people’s silly out. 
  • Gets even the most sedentary event-goers participating.
  • Entices fans to share their photos and increases brand engagement. 
  • Immediate uptick in social engagement through increased clicks and shares.

#2 GIF booths produce data you can use.

  • For photo booth hire Sydney wide or further afield, ensure that the services provide digital and social integrations.  
  • Look for a system that delivers custom analytics to measure the engagement and capture customer information that can be used for remarketing.

#3 Integrating a social media photography into your event is a winning recipe for success.

  • Use our roaming photographer service for immediate shares on Facebook and Instagram to increase the buzz around your brand.
  • Event photography services will provide you with content that can be used for months to come.

Advice on wearing graduation regalia.

The use of social media is essential to elevate events and combined with a photo booth hire as well as a roaming photographer, will validate the immediate success of your event with data and shareable content.

Do you need help or have any questions to elevate your event? Contact us for corporate event ideas or suggestions!

Happy planning!

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